The Magi Cards of Destiny

The Magi Cards of Destiny comes to us from ancient Egypt, from the Magi Priests of 2000 years ago and even as far back as Atlantis. What looks like an ordinary deck of playing cards is actually a Book of Sacred Symbols used for divination. The ancient Oracle is a combination of Astrology and Numerology and is a structure of timekeeping that aligns perfectly with our calendar. Profound information about you is found by your birth date.

The Magi Card Science made its resurgence in the late 1800’s when Olney Richmond authored the “Mystic Test Book”. In 1947 the Mystic Science of the Cards was carried on as Edith Randal and Florence Campbell wrote the “Sacred Symbols of the Ancients”.

Arne Lein taught the Science of the Cards in the 1970’s and is the author of “What’s Your Card?”

Robert Lee Camp, teacher, and author has currently written several books such as the “Love Cards” and the “Cards of your Destiny” that bring forward the timeless knowledge of the Cards and the transformational wisdom that is of the utmost importance today.


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