Guiding Your Past, Present, and Future Self

  • Do you wonder about the compatibility with your new love interest?
  • Are you contemplating a change in your job or beginning a new creative venture?
  • Is there money in your future? Is an investment risky or safe?
  • Do you have any questions concerning health?

During a Destiny Consultation, Raina explores the answers to your pertinent questions and concerns. There are insightful details in the Cards about your personal path, where you’ve come from on a Soul level and where your highest potential can take you.

What People Have Been Saying About Raina’s Readings!

Raina uses the ancient Destiny Card Oracle to help hundreds of people clarify their questions about relationship, career, health and life purpose.

“I have found Raina’s Destiny Cards Readings get to the heart of each relationship. She is compassionate and insightful in taking a look at why you would – or would not – want to be with someone.  She has also earned my trust by giving me a personal forecast for the upcoming year which has proved to be synchronistic with what actually happens. I trust her implicitly for the wisdom she imparts. Go see her! ~ Mariel Martin, Psychic-Medium and Palmist

“I wasn’t so sure about the Destiny cards but everything you said has actually happened, I was going to say I can’t believe it, but I can!” ~ C.W. Portland, OR

“Thank you so much for your insight into what is facing me in my life this past year. I have referred to the recording you created for me many times”​ ~ M.R. 39, Hollywood, CA

‘I’m glad to get confirmation as to what I was sensing with my new partner, it looks like we may be getting married soon.” ~ C.K. Pasadena, CA

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